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Plastic Surgery Pre-Operative Psychological Evaluation


A consultation for individuals seeking direction, clarity and purpose in their lives



Andrew offers Coaching for individuals, couples and families. Typically, whole life dilemmas, relationships, life planning and work life balance issues can be addressed, with plans and action implemented for change. Coaching is an ideal method for addressing and working on issues of change, uncertainty and situations where the value of learning from experience is needed.

My standard approach is to hold four 1.5 hour sessions over an eight-week period. The duration and number of sessions is always discussed and tailored to the person / people and their situation. For example, one session can often be quite sufficient. Sometimes four sessions with reviews at a later date is more appropriate. The point is - in accordance with Headscape’s underpinning approach to counselling - Coaching is person-centred.


Participants are helped and encouraged to clarify as best they can what it is that they want from Coaching. This is considered in the context of what is happening now and what it will take for what they want to be realised. All that may help and also get in the way is taken into account and a realistic plan for change created. People may see this as their strategy for change that includes identifying how they will cope and what help they might need from others.

My role as coach is to help clarify what is wanted, listen and ask questions, help identify what changes and behaviours will lead to what is wanted and support the person in appropriate ways as they go about making things happen for themselves.


Coaching is not counselling. It is not a clinical intervention in the way that counselling is. As a qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, I am trained to know the difference between situations that need a clinical intervention such as counselling, and coaching. I always ensure the difference is understood and that an appropriate approach is selected.

A contract of agreement between the participant and Coach is drawn up at an early stage. If necessary, it can be amended as coaching develops. The contract is based on the BACP ethical framework. 

A free telephone conversation held before the first session is offered to help identify and discuss the participant's needs and the appropriate approach.         

Andrew Paterson

A 1.5 hour session for an individual costs £95.00. A four-session episode is priced at £300.00. Variations on number of sessions and duration based one needs analysis and by agreement are negotiable, based on the prices above.    

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