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Getting ahead of winter blues

I have the day off today. I quickly nipped to the supermarket, then go to my Pilates class, then tackle the garden. While in the shop, the heavens opened. I found myself filling with doom. I did notice the weather warning on Alexa, but it was as if my head didn’t click in. The doom feeling was strongly linked with, “Oh no! Summer is over. It’s already gloomy. No!! Darker evenings. Wet school runs. No!!!! When am I going to have time to do the garden? My strimmer is out in the rain. Run!!”

I wasn’t ready for this. The feeling jumped out at me like an assassin in the night. Here we are.

I’m aware the weather could change again next week. This is England after all. But the doom is now and it’s like a cloud over me like the grey skies I can see out my window. How do I get myself back on track, accepting that this is how it is right now?

Big sigh.

Well, seeing that I’m off today, maybe I should start with swopping my summer wardrobe for my winter one? That’s a job that will feel good ticking off the list. I wasn’t ready for it yet, but it might help me get my head into the ‘winter game’. Because that will be what I need right now – to get my head in the game. If I can accept that this is where we are heading, then it will lighten the emotional load. Start looking at winter meals – warm, hearty stews and soups. Right, next grocery shop list sorted. That could help getting my head into the ‘winter game’. What else? Accept that the garden will now no longer be my immediate priority. This bit is hard because once I made a plan in my head, I struggle to put it down without feeling some disappointment. Feel the joy to pick this back up on a random day the weather gods shine a light upon us!

Dark nights, working late. What can I do in my office to help me feel

rather than gloom? A salt lamp, nice aromas, a pair of slippers.

Listen to the rain. Use my senses to identify and embrace the beautiful sounds of nature. Swopping birdsong for rain song. Looking at it as a joy and not a misery.

I’m already feeling better! I don’t have to love the changing season, but having a mental plan and looking for my resources will see me through. I still need to find a silver lining for waking up in the dark though! That might take a while 😊

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