A counselling consultation for individuals considering plastic surgery.

As part of Patient Care, plastic and reconstructive surgeons can request patients to receive a Pre-operative psychological evaluation.  Having reconstructive surgery is one of the biggest decisions you can make.  By keeping your best interest at heart on your transformation journey, I can provide discreet, personal, one-to-one consultations which will provide you the opportunity to discuss motivations and decisions regarding your surgery. My role during your consultation is to help you make sense of these thoughts, feelings and decisions and to provide a one-off report to your surgeon.


The fee for this consultation and report service is £80.




If you decide that surgery is for you, I offer after-care counselling sessions.  It might be very useful as part of your healing process, Part of your healing process  to evaluate your experience and where we can explore any feelings and thoughts that might linger.


Aftercare Counselling is charged at £45 per one hour session.

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