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Counselling and your financial position

Updated: May 28, 2020

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, daily, we have been tailoring our response to be consistent with Government and NHS requirements. All ‘in-person’ counselling has ceased. We are now focusing on offering telephone and online counselling.

We are keen to support people throughout this health, social and indeed personal crisis time. We know that some people’s income will be affected if it hasn’t been already. We are very aware that some of you are suddenly in a position of having no guaranteed income for the foreseeable future. We are also aware that some people have regular income regardless of what will happen and may even have more to spare now, given the lack of opportunities to spend it. Well done to everyone who is continuing and starting from new using any of these options.

We want to continue to respond in a way that is considerate of people and allows us to keep the Headscape practice going. We want to be able to offer a range of session fee prices that is proportionate with your situation.

So, we are suggesting:

a) Those of you who want to carry on and use telephone and online options, and whose income is unaffected, do so and pay the current rates of £45.00 per hour for an individual and £65.00 for relationship counselling (two people). 

b) Those of you who want to carry on but whose income is affected, re-negotiate the contracted fee and arrangements with your counsellor.

c) People who want to start, do so on a basis that is consistent with their current financial position and agree arrangements and a session fee with your counsellor.    

d) People who want to start but have no current income, agree a way forward with your counsellor. 

Most of all we want people to be supported and feel the benefit of counselling and therapy during these times. Guidelines for e counselling including developing contracting arrangements between clients and counsellor are being updated by our professional bodies as we learn as we go. We want to do all we can to offer access to counselling with flexibility of arrangements - including payment.

We feel that the most useful thing to do now is to leave it to you and trust that what we all need will arrive.

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