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Let's get present in the Here and Now

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

It’s quiet out here in my garden. It’s quiet, and it’s not quiet. Maybe it’s me that is

quiet and not my surroundings. Eyes closed, face pointing at the sun. This is bliss. My senses are coming to life, but I keep my eyes closed. The hair on my arms is telling me the air is moving around me. My feet sensing the slightly damp grass underneath them. My ears can hear the joy of little ones in the park not too far from where I am sitting. Can I smell anything? Soil, my coffee. Ah, coffee! It’s time to engage my sense of taste! I open my eyes and only see spots. I love this feeling. Makes me think of

childhood, carefree playing outside. Being out of breath from all the running and playing. Catching my breath and running again. For hours we could play like that! How amazing that I can sit here, 42 years old and connect so deeply with these evoked memories. And this, from just sitting in my garden with my eyes closed.

An exercise that took me all of 5 minutes, but I feel recharged as if I’ve been away ‘somewhere nice’. I think what makes this so emotive, is engaging your senses.

Concentrating on each of them individually to attain what my environment is giving me. You got it, I’m talking Mindfulness, but not dressed up in the ‘flavour of the month’ sort of way. I don’t actually want to call it Mindfulness. I’ll stick to calling it ‘being present in the here and now’. Giving yourself 5 minutes of just consciously BEING. And using your senses is how us every-day-folk achieve it. I’m not committed

enough to meditate. I know – I’m a counsellor! I understand the value of meditation, but I’m also me, a human. I’m very much aware that it’s not something that I can just jump into. Meditation falls in the ‘chore’ category for me. I make it bigger in my head than what it needs to be. But… it is what it is so… 5 minutes staring at the sun, or sitting close to the heater in winter, or lying on my office floor listening to the birds outside IS my meditation. Bliss, achievable and the perfect reset. Come on all you non-meditators! Join me!

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