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Planking my way through May for Cheshire Young Carers

I must say, I’ve loved Facebook for many years. What I’ve noticed more in the last few years is the manageable (and not so manageable) charity challenges that my friends have been doing. From 100 burpees a day to taking on the Inca Trail!

I have now seen sufficient attempts to motivate me into doing the same! I’ve always said that my body is held together by spit, so finding a suitable challenge for me took a little thought. I can’t jump, I can’t run, I can’t walk far, but what I can do is plank! So here we go – I will officially be planking a minute a day in May!

Sometimes we have to look past our physical limitations and embrace the parts of us that does work, in my case, my mouth and my core!

Choosing a charity to support was easy. I chose a local charity in Ellesmere Port that supports young carers between 6-18 years. offer school holiday respite programmes and all-year support for these remarkable kids. These kids are not in the fortunate position to ‘just be kids’. They can be the main carer for a parent or loved one with limiting conditions. Young carers are often isolated and miss out on the opportunities that I know my kids, take for granted.

Can you believe Cheshire Young Carers look after a staggering 8000 kids across the whole of Cheshire West and Chester and Cheshire East? It blows my mind and I wonder if this is an area of need often overlooked?

These kids are amazing! They didn’t ask to be a young carer, yet they crack on and get on with it, because they love their families and there is no other way. These kids deserve all the support they can get and if I can get off my butt and plank, then I urge you to assist me as best you can please. You don’t have to plank, just send your pennies. Help me make a small difference

Here’s how to donate!

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